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Jay Shinn



lives and works in Dallas, New York and Berlin







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Jay Shinn is best known for his sculptures and installations with neon tubes- the different colours and carefully composed positioning of each light create fascinating visual effects and optical illusions. He has expanded the boundaries of conventional photo-lithography by using the neon tubes themselves to expose the plates.


Jay's wall works are often created in series, hung in varying geometric constellations that change depending on the exhibition space. His new lithographs continue this direction and he chose twelve colour variations that will be displayed together.

neon moon 1thumb neon moon 2 thumb neon moon 3 thumb neon moon 4 thumb
neon moon 5 thumb neon moon 6 thumb neon moon 7 thumb neon moon 8 thumb
neon moon 9 thumb neon moon 10 thumb neon moon 11 thumb neon moon 12 thumb
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