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We specialise in collaborative printmaking (lithography, intaglio, woodcut and monoprint), where artists can realise projects with the support of Tamarind Institute-trained master printers.


The benefit of this kind of arrangement is that the artist is freed to focus entirely
on the creative aspect of the project, while the printer handles the technical considerations, processing of the stones/plates and printing of the editions.


Artists find that collaboration in this way frees them to experiment with new techniques and to push the boundaries of their image-making process, resulting in work of the highest calibre.


There are a number of ways artists can work with us:


Monotypes: For artists wanting to make unique, single prints (not editioned) with a spontaneous, painterly quality.
Monotype sessions can be booked for half days, full days or multiple days.


Special Projects: Do you want to develop an artistic idea or experiment in a new technique? We offer equipment and technical expertise at a daily rate.


Contract Projects: Artists or galleries may also contract us to print editions or produce multi-media print installations for them.

Publishing: Artists are invited to collaborate with a master printer for one or two weeks, to produce an edition or other print-based project. We cover all costs and take care of sales. Once production costs are recovered, all further revenue from sales is shared with the artist.

Keystone Editions Workshop


The workshop space is 170m2, located on the Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin's Kreuzberg district in an old-style industrial loft building. We have two press areas, a 35m2 dedicated space for the artists to work and a separate photo-plate exposure area. Large windows on two sides flood the space with natural light.


There is also 30m2 of wall space for exhibiting work. Regularly changing exhibitions feature work from our archive as well as new images produced in the workshop.


A fully-equipped kitchen/dining area with outdoor patio makes a visit to Keystone Editions just that bit more enjoyable!

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Lithographic stones up to 85 cm x 112 cm (33 1/2" x 44")
Ball-grained aluminium litho plates up to 91 cm x 130 cm (36" x 51")
Photolitho plates up to 97 cm x 143 cm (38 1/8" x 56 1/4")


Intaglio, Woodcut and Monotypes: max paper size of 95 cm x 180 cm (37 ½” x 71”)

Monotypes up to 85 cm x 150 cm (37" x 59")

Partnerships with other local workshops allow us to provide artists
the possibility to combine lithography, intaglio and relief, with digital, silkscreen, papermaking and bookbinding.


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Berlin's reputation for being one of the most exciting and creative cities in Europe is well-deserved; along with being home to some of the best museums and galleries, Berlin boasts an incredible variety of things to do.


Keystone Editions is located in Kreuzberg, an area of town full of artists' studios, galleries and interesting places. We are right beside the
Landwehr canal which is great for walks and people-watching in the spring and summer and for ice skating or warming up in a cosy café
in the winter.




Before you book accommodation, please get in touch as we have a partnership with a neighbour who owns a number of excellent holiday apartments. The flats are all fully-equipped, including kitchen and laundry facilities, and all are within a 5-minute walk of Keystone Editions. Prices are very reasonable; cheaper than a hotel and discounts for longer stays are available.




Artists who come to work at Keystone Editions have free use of a bicycle during their stay. It's by far the best way to experience the city! For those who prefer public transport, the city's bus/subway/tram system is easy to use and naturally, very efficient.


About the printers


Sarah Dudley and Ulrich Kühle have been making prints since 1989. From 1999-2008 they worked with artists on projects across the globe, including in Canada, the U.S.A., Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Botswana and Australia.



photo of Sarah and Ulrich printing etchings

Sarah Dudley (born 1971 in Montréal, Québec) studied fine art at Concordia University in Canada and at the École de beaux-arts de Nîmes in France. In 2001 Sarah completed the Master Printer Training Program at Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. Her own artwork has been recognised with a number of awards and is exhibited internationally.




Ulrich Kühle (born 1975 in Soest, Germany) has completed a traditional apprenticeship in lithography at Druckgrafik Kätelhön in Wamel, Germany. Working there for eight years as a professional printer, he printed for many international artists, including Falko Behrendt, Helmtrud Nyström and Liz Ingram. In 2002, Ulrich completed the Master Printer Training Program at Tamarind Institute.


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