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Jesse Thomas


b: 1970, U.S.A.


lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

jesse thomas art painting drawing lithography

Born in Washington D.C., painter Jesse Thomas has lived in Vancouver, New Orleans and St. Louis, and is now based Edmonton where he is Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the painting department of the University of Alberta. He spent a month with us in the studio to create a suite of complex drawings on five stones.


Incorporating a number of references to current affairs, broadcast media and art history, Thomas' compositions create narratives on contemporary socio-political situations. The combination of different elements in makes for a subtly surrealist atmosphere, breaking down the barrier between interior and exterior landscapes, and by juxtaposing unexpected objects.


"These [images] provide an arena in which I explore the arc of western pictorial form and thought. Their narrative is both literary and technical as the human activity depicted interacts with formal and material considerations."


Meticulously constructed, Jesse Thomas' works posses an etherial quality with tones ranging from whispers of grey to deep, rich blacks. The suite will be on view at the end of January in the Keystone Editions showroom. Check back for details!

jesse thomas drawing art lithograph


Suite of five images


Each edition: 15

1-colour lithographs

56 cm x 76 cm


Collaborating printer: Ulrich Kuehle



jesse thomas drawing art lithograph

The Politics of Representation

jesse thomas drawing art lithograph

The Politics of Aesthetics

jesse thomas drawing art lithograph

Vehicles of Understanding

jesse thomas drawing art lithograph

Winter Landscape with Three Types of Sculpture

jesse thomas drawing art lithograph

Horse's (Mouth): The Allegory of the Cave

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